Hello from Team 2265!

Megan Groppemore_vert
Hi! My name is Megan!close

I am the captain of the FeMaidens. This year, I will be a senior, and it will be my third year on the team.

The Engineering Department is responsible for building the robot for competitions. This department works closely together in order to design, plan and create the robot. Starting with raw materials, the Engineering department has to machine all the parts before putting them together to get a functioning robot. Engineering is an essential part of robotics and these lovely ladies do an exemplary job of building the team’s robot.

Co-Head of Engineering
Ria Chamore_vert
Hello, I am Ria Cha.close

I am currently in my freshman year. For now, I am working in the Engineering department, but I am hoping to try out the others as well, such as programming. I am looking forward to a great first year!

Co-Head of Engineering
Meng Limore_vert
Hello, I am Meng Li.close

Hi! My name is Meng and I am one of the heads of the Engineering department. I joined the team as a sophomore and have grown and learned so much from then. I love to have midnight ramen with toothpicks in hotel rooms. I'm looking forward to the season!

Co-Head of Engineering
Elisabeth Gadzicmore_vert
Hi! I'm Elisabeth.close

Bernice Wangmore_vert
Hey, I'm Bernice Wang!close

Hi! I'm Bernice and I've been on the team since freshman year. After being on engineering for the past 3 years, I decided to switch things up and join Akaneh on marketing. This year, I mainly work on our weekly vlogs but whenever I'm not doing that, I like to eat, complain, and run away from birds.

Susan Xiaomore_vert
Hi, my name is Susan.close

I joined the Iron Maidens as a sophomore and it is currently my second year on the team. I’m part of the engineering department and a fun fact is that I actually assembled all the furniture currently in use at my house :)

Montaha Rahmanmore_vert
Hey, I'm Montaha Rahman!close

Hi my name is Montaha and I am part of the engineering department. I joined the FeMaidens during my freshman year and I am currently a junior. During my spare time, I like to roller skate and watch documentaries. I'm excited for the upcoming competition season!

Pev Vailmore_vert
Hey, I'm Pev!close

I'm Pev Vail, a sophomore on the Engineering department. I joined the team as a freshman and I've been involved with FIRST since I did FIRST Lego League in the 2014-2015 season. Recently, I started bringing a liter of hot tea to school every day so we can have a tea party at the beginning of meetings.

Tiffany Deanemore_vert
Hi! My name's Tiffany Deane.close

Sup! I'm Tiffany and I am part of the marketing department. In my spare time, I play football, draw, paint, and obviously stress about school :) Joining FeMaidens gave me an opportunity to break gender stereotypes society enforces on the world. I can show the world that I, a freshman girl, can be interested in ANYTHING related to the STEM field. I can be interested in whatever a boy is interested in, because we, boys and girls, are equal.

Esther Kimmore_vert
Hi! My name's Esther Kim.close

Hi my name is Esther and i am part of the engineering department. I joined this team in my sophomore year to be introduced to the world of engineering. During my free time, I like to watch American sitcoms and travel to different parts of NY.

Jessie Federmanmore_vert
Hi! My name's Jessie.close

Hi, my name is Jessie and I am part of the engineering department. I joined the team last year as a freshman and am now a sophomore. I'm learning to be the team's DOLO for next year. I can't wait for this years build season!

Amina Anowaramore_vert
Hey, my name is Amina Anowara!close

I'm a Junior, and I'm part of the Engineering department of FeMaidens. Some of my favorite things to do include baking, traveling, and obviously, building robots!

Sumaya Khoshnobishmore_vert
Hi! My name's Sumaya.close

I am a senior and a four year veteran of FeMaidens. I love being part of such a great team and I look forward to continuing my passion for STEM in college!

Taufiqa Tajninmore_vert
Hi! My name's Taufiqa.close

I am a sophomore in the Construction department. This is my first year on the FeMaidens, and I am very happy to be a part of the team!

Sarah Pollackmore_vert
Hi, my name is Sarah!close

I’m in the engineering department! I’m a junior and joined the team my freshman year. I joined the team because I have always loved to build things and see how parts fit together. My favorite parr of robotics is that the team, and all of FIRST, is such a great community. I love you guys!

Aviva Schwarzmore_vert
Hi! My name's Aviva Schwarz.close

I am a junior engineer who has had the privilege of also taking part in our marketing department this year! I started on the team my Freshman year as a programmer. When I'm not in robotics, you can find me mentoring FLL teams, doing environmental research, or practicing cello.

Alexandra Deli Ivanovmore_vert
Hi! My name's Alex.close

Hi! My name is Alex and I am part of the engineering department. I joined the FeMaidens in my freshman year and am currently a senior. I became the Director of Lab Operations (DOLO) in my junior year. In my free time I love listening to music, sleeping, hugs, cats and eating sour candy. I am looking forward to another great year, and what looks like some great mechanisms! <3

Sandy Zhangmore_vert
Hi! My name's Sandy.close

Hi my name is Sandy and I am part of the engineering department. I joined Fe-maidens this year. I like to watch dramas, sleep and eat.

Kirsten Moymore_vert
Hi! My name's Kirsten.close

Hi, I am Kirsten from engineering. I’m currently a freshman and enjoy robotics because I like to tinker with tools and learn the steps it takes to build a robot. My other interests include music, reading, drawing, swimming, and running. I hope I will continue to grow and learn from mentors, upperclassmen, peers and to learn on my own.

Layla Stantonmore_vert
Hi! My name's Layla.close

My name is Layla and I am a member of the engineering department on the FeMaidens. I joined this team to have the opportunity to work with a group of motivated peers towards a common goal. I’m very excited for the rest of the season!

Isabella Chenmore_vert
Hi! My name's Isabella.close

Hi, my name is Isabella and I am part of the engineering department. I joined the FeMaidens during my sophomore year in high school. I like to mess around a lot and eat strawberry ice cream or bubble tea. I'm excited for the upcoming build season!

Yizhen Wangmore_vert
Hi! My name's Yizhen.close

Hi my name is Yizhen!! I joined Femaidens sophomore year because I wanted to explore my creativity and make more friends. I like binge watching dramas and eating ramen in my free time. I hope this team will bring out the best in me!

Molly McCormickmore_vert
Hi! My name's Molly.close

Hi my name is Molly and I am part of the engineering department. This is my first year on the FeMaidens and I am currently a freshman. I joined the team because I love building things and I was interested in robots. I have had a lot of fun working with the team so far and I’ve learned a lot from them. I am looking forward to working with them more and to the rest of build season.

Natalie Reidmore_vert
Hi! My name's Natalie.close

Hi, my name is Natalie. I am a freshman in high school and I am part of the engineering department. In my spare time I enjoy doing art, camping, hiking, swimming and doing aerial silks and lyra. I'm looking forward to my first build!

Tenzin Sherabmore_vert
Hi! My name's Tenzin.close

Hi my name is Sherab and I’m part of the engineering department of FeMaidens. Currently I am a sophomore and I joined the team this year. During my spare time I like to swim, help tutor kids over the weekend, writing and learning programming languages. I am thrilled to be on a supportive and engaging team that allows me to use problem solving skills to help contribute to building a well rounded robot.

The Electronics Department is responsible for the wiring and electrical components of the robot. The team members in the department have to put their heads together to figure out the correct amounts of electronic connections needed to make the robot work. On top of this, members of electronics are responsible for building a test robot, in order to make sure everything is functioning properly before the construction of the actual robot. The Electronics members do a great job of wiring the robot every year.

Head of Electronics
Erin Yanmore_vert
Hi! I'm Erin!close

I'm the head of electronics. I joined Fe Maidens my sophmore year and I will be a senior next year. I like boba and dogs :>

Mahjabin Musamore_vert
Hi! I'm Mahjabin Musa.close

Hi, my name is Mahjabin Musa. I am a Senior in the Femaidens Robotics team. I am also part of the Electronics Department and I love being part of this team! 😤

Kristina Manmore_vert
Hi! My name is Kristina Manclose

My name is Kristina, and I’m part of the electronics department! I’m currently a junior and I joined the team during my sophomore year, which was definitely one of the best choices I’ve made during my high school journey. I’ve been able to make so many new friends and learn so much about wiring, sensors, and pneumatics. During my free time, I enjoy listening to music, bowling, singing, learning new things, and socializing with my friends!

Suji Chenmore_vert
Salut! I'm Suji!close

Hi! My name is Suji and I’m a sophomore in the electronics department. I joined the team in my freshman year and I think that was a very good decision.

June Limmore_vert

Hi, I’m June, and I’m a senior! I’ve been a part of electronics since my sophomore year. In my free time, I love to play music and drink Gongcha. It’s inspiring to be surrounded by so many brilliant women; I’m sad that this is my last build season:(

Maz (Mahzabin) Ahmedmore_vert
Hi! My name is Maz! close

Hey, I’m Mahzabin but I go by Mahz. I’m part of the electronics department and I joined my freshman year! During my spare time, I like to play the ukulele, sing from time to time, and watch anything and absolutely everything on Netflix. I’m excited for the next three years on the team, and my first build season!

Bella (Isabella) Pensabenemore_vert
Hi! My name is Bella! close

Tiffany Tsaimore_vert
Hi! My name is Tiffany! close

My name is Tiffany Tsai and I am part of the electronic department. I am a junior and I am very grateful to join team this year. In my free time I love to go to karaoke with my friends and study in cafes :’) Screen reader support enabled.

Programming is responsible for the code that enables the robot to act. The department uses Java to write the program that enables the robot to complete the necessary tasks smoothly and successfully. Programming using Java requires extensive knowledge, and creating code requires a lot of work and creativity. Programming is an essential part of robotics and these clever ladies always find a way to get the job done.

Co-Head of Programming
Alexis Hernandezmore_vert
Hi, my name is Alexis Hernandez!close

I am a senior and co-head of programming on the FeMaidens. I’m also the robot driver and a part of the strategy department.

Co-Head of Programming
Lily O Sullivan more_vert
Hello, my name is Lily!close

I am Lily, one of the heads of programming. I’ve been on the team for 4 years, and its been my favorite part of high school. I am excited to push my department further and for competition season.

Head of Strategy
Annabelle Lewmore_vert
Hi, my name is Annabelle Lew!close

Hi, I’m Annabelle, a senior and the head of strategy on the FeMaidens! Aside from matchmaking and global scouting, my favorite part of competition is bonding with people from other teams over our mutual interest in piano. I’m hoping to make it to champs again so I can show my improved piano skills and our team can win!

Nicole Constantemore_vert
Hi, I’m Nicole!close

I’m a senior on the Fe Maidens. I first joined in sophomore year and I am on the programming department. I love swimming, all things fashion, and dancing weirdly in front of people.

Jade Shenmore_vert
Hi! My name is Jade. close

Hi my name is Jade and I am part of the programming department. I joined the FeMaidens during my senior year in middle school and I will be a freshman next year. During my spare time, I like to use people as furniture, sleep, and chase people as John the Baptist. I am excited for the upcoming build season!

Haydn Longmore_vert
Hi, my name is Haydn Long!close

Hi I’m Haydn, and I’m a member of programming. I joined the team in my freshman year, and I’ve been supplying the department with snacks and tea for the last two years. If you’re wondering where the hedgehogs are coming from, the answer is me.

Rachel Lumore_vert
Hi, I am Rachel!.close

I am currently in my junior year. I joined the Femaidens in my freshman year. I am a member of the Programming department, strategy, and marketing. I help edit the website and I really enjoy programming. I am excited for the upcoming build season!

Zoey Sunmore_vert
Hi! My name is Zoey! close

Hey Im Zooey. I am a member of programming and I am also a part of strategy and marketing. I joined the team last year. So excited for competition!

Bianca Hiewmore_vert
Hi! My name is Bianca! close

My name is Bianca and I’m in programming and strategy. Rachel scares me.

Kathryn Lemore_vert
Hi! My name is Kathryn! close

Hey! My name is Kathryn Le and I am a part of the Programming Department. This is my first year in robotics and it has surely been a memorable year. My love for robotics and computer science started in middle school even before I really knew what those were. During my spare time (which I don’t really have), I like to read (this is what I like to tell myself), go out with friends and family, and expand my knowledge in coding. I am very grateful to be a part of this team and I am looking forward to future games and build seasons!

Ludmilla Pajomore_vert
Hi! My name is Ludmilla! close

Hey my name is Ludmilla, and I am m a part of programming! I am a sophomore, and a rookie on the team. My hobbies include reading obsolete books, eating various snacks, and buying new earrings. I am a certified cinephile, and I am super hyped for Infinite Recharge!

Jillian Chongmore_vert
Hi! My name is Jillian! close

Hi. I am Jeelian. I am a programming rookie on the FeMaidens, and I am excited to work on the robot! :)

Marketing plays a key role in spreading the team’s ideals to new communities and informing other students about the world of robotics by attending and organizing events to spread the word about robotics. They also focus on getting the team as many sponsors mentors and supporters as possible in order to keep the team alive and strong. The department is also responsible for writing essays for various awards which can be won by teams.

Head of Marketing
Akaneh Wangmore_vert
Hi!! My name is Akaneh.close

Hello! I am Akaneh, and I am the head of the marketing department for this year. I joined the FeMaidens in my sophomore year, and have been on the design and engineering departments before joining marketing. In my free time, I like to draw or make jewelry.

Loretta Engmore_vert
Hi! My name is Loretta! close

Hi, my name is Loretta!I’m currently a sophomore in the marketing department. This is my first year being a part of the team, and I’m super excited for the next few weeks of build season to meet new people and learn more :)

Allison Hemore_vert
Hi! My name is Allison! close

Being a part of marketing is the highlight of my high-school career and has made me a better student by forcing me to stay after school! I hope the best for future rookies and just know that you’re part of the best team in the school ;)

Liz (Elizabeth) Jungmore_vert
Hi! My name is Liz! close

Hello, my name is Liz and I am in the Marketing Department. I am currently a sophomore and I joined this year! When I am bored, I like to play with my dog and listen to ASMR. So excited for this season woohoooo

Eva (Yi) Xiemore_vert
Hi! My name is Eva! close

Eva Xie loves STEM and Arts. These both matter to her because art provides her infinite possibilities in the imagination while STEM enables her to explore and practice these possibilities in the real-world setting.