Hello from Team 2265!

Megan Groppemore_vert
Hi! My name is Megan!close

I am the captain of the FeMaidens. This year, I will be a senior, and it will be my third year on the team.

The Engineering Department is responsible for building the robot for competitions. This department works closely together in order to design, plan and create the robot. Starting with raw materials, the Engineering department has to machine all the parts before putting them together to get a functioning robot. Engineering is an essential part of robotics and these lovely ladies do an exemplary job of building the team’s robot.

Co-Head of Engineering
Ria Chamore_vert
Hello, I am Ria Cha.close

I am currently in my freshman year. For now, I am working in the Engineering department, but I am hoping to try out the others as well, such as programming. I am looking forward to a great first year!

Co-Head of Engineering
Meng Limore_vert
Hello, I am Meng Li.close

I am a junior and I am one of the team's Head of Engineering. Last competition I was the only one who knew how to fix the chain! I am hoping to use belts for this year :)

Co-Head of Engineering
Elisabeth Gadzicmore_vert
Hi! I'm Elisabeth.close

I am currently a junior and one of the Heads of Engineering for the 2019-2020 season. I have been on this team since freshman year and working in the shop is one of the most relaxing things to do after a long day. I am looking forward to building another incredible robot this year and working with a new round of amazing girls!

Bernice Wangmore_vert
Hey, I'm Bernice Wang!close

Hi I’m Bernice and I’m a senior in the engineering department. A fun fact about me is that I hate birds!

Susan Xiaomore_vert
Hi, my name is Susan.close

I joined the Iron Maidens as a sophomore and it is currently my second year on the team. I’m part of the engineering department and a fun fact is that I actually assembled all the furniture currently in use at my house :)

Montaha Rahmanmore_vert
Hey, I'm Montaha Rahman!close

I am currently a Junior in the Engineering Department and I have been on the team since freshmen year. I mainly focus on the CNC and cant wait for next season!

Pev Vailmore_vert
Hey, I'm Pev!close

I'm was a rookie in the engineering department and I've been doing various FIRST programs since 5th grade. I am now a sophomore and I also do stage crew, and once I suggested putting mecanum wheels on a piece of the set. No one else got it, but I still think it would be a good idea. I also like to spend my free time playing dungeons and dragons or drawing in sharpie on myself and others.

Tiffany Deanemore_vert
Hi! My name's Tiffany Deane.close

I am currently a senior in engineering and marketing! I am privileged to be the robot operator and to be able to do what I love with people I love as a part of this team!

Esther Kimmore_vert
Hi! My name's Ester Kim.close

I am a junior who likes to travel and watch old American and Korean reality shows.

Jessie Federmanmore_vert
Hi! My name's Jessie.close

It was my first year on the team last year and I was new to robotics. I’m now a sophomore who likes dogs, baking, music and the crossword.

Amina Anowaramore_vert
Hey, my name is Amina Anowara!close

I'm a Junior, and I'm part of the Engineering department of FeMaidens. Some of my favorite things to do include baking, traveling, and obviously, building robots!

Sumyama Khoshnobishmore_vert
Hi! My name's Sumyama.close

I am a sophomore in the Construction department. This is my first year on the FeMaidens, and I am very happy to be a part of the team!

Taufiqa Tajninmore_vert
Hi! My name's Taufiqa.close

I am a sophomore in the Construction department. This is my first year on the FeMaidens, and I am very happy to be a part of the team!

Sarah Pollackmore_vert
Hi, my name is Sarah!close

I’m in the engineering department! I’m a junior and joined the team my freshman year. I joined the team because I have always loved to build things and see how parts fit together. My favorite parr of robotics is that the team, and all of FIRST, is such a great community. I love you guys!

Aviva Schwarzmore_vert
Hi! My name's Aviva Schwarz.close

I am a junior engineer who has had the privilege of also taking part in our marketing department this year! I started on the team my Freshman year as a programmer. When I'm not in robotics, you can find me mentoring FLL teams, doing environmental research, or practicing cello.

Alexandra Deli Ivanovmore_vert
Hi! My name's Alex.close

I am a part of the engineering department and I joined the FeMaidens in my freshman year. I am currently a senior and have had many great experiences on this team. I love cats and sleeping and I'm hoping for a water game ya'll. YeeHaw.

The Electronics Department is responsible for the wiring and electrical components of the robot. The team members in the department have to put their heads together to figure out the correct amounts of electronic connections needed to make the robot work. On top of this, members of electronics are responsible for building a test robot, in order to make sure everything is functioning properly before the construction of the actual robot. The Electronics members do a great job of wiring the robot every year.

Head of Electronics
Erin Yanmore_vert
Hi! I'm Erin!close

I'm the head of electronics. I joined Fe Maidens my sophmore year and I will be a senior next year. I like boba and dogs :>

Mahjabin Musamore_vert
Hi! I'm Mahjabin Musa.close

I am a senior and my name has so many different pronounciations, I might as well be a different person everyday.

Kristina Manmore_vert
Hi! My name is Kristina Manclose

I am currently in my junior year. I joined the team during my sophomore year and honestly it has been such an amazing experience. I have gained so much knowledge about wiring and pneumatics and I hope to learn even more in the upcoming season!

Suji Chenmore_vert
Salut! I'm Suji!close

I joined electronics because I like pretty wires and I know I'll get to work with pretty wires. And here I am today, sorting and organizing pretty wires. Dream came true.

June Limmore_vert

Joining the robotics team is one on the best choices I made this year. As a freshman I wanted to try out everything and see which ones actually suits me. I have gained so much knowledge about wiring and pneumatics in the past few months after I joined the electronic department. The people on the team are super nice and helpful.

Programming is responsible for the code that enables the robot to act. The department uses Java to write the program that enables the robot to complete the necessary tasks smoothly and successfully. Programming using Java requires extensive knowledge, and creating code requires a lot of work and creativity. Programming is an essential part of robotics and these clever ladies always find a way to get the job done.

Co-Head of Programming
Alexis Hernandezmore_vert
Hi, my name is Alexis Hernandez!close

I am a senior and co-head of programming on the FeMaidens. I’m also the robot driver and a part of the strategy department.

Co-Head of Programming
Lily O Sullivan more_vert
Hello, I'm Lily!close

I am a Senior in the Programming department! This is my 4th year on the team and I am so proud of how much we have grown. I am honored to be one of the programming heads!

Head of Strategy
Annabelle Lewmore_vert
Hi, my name is Annabelle Lew!close

Hi, I’m Annabelle, a senior and the head of strategy on the FeMaidens! Aside from matchmaking and global scouting, my favorite part of competition is bonding with people from other teams over our mutual interest in piano. I’m hoping to make it to champs again so I can show my improved piano skills and our team can win!

Nicole Constantemore_vert
Hi, I’m Nicole!close

I’m a senior on the Fe Maidens. I first joined in sophomore year and I am on the programming department. I love swimming, all things fashion, and dancing weirdly in front of people.

Jade Shenmore_vert
Hi! My name is Jade. close

Hi my name is Jade and I am part of the programming department. I joined the FeMaidens during my senior year in middle school and I will be a freshman next year. During my spare time, I like to use people as furniture, sleep, and chase people as John the Baptist. I'm excited for the upcoming build season!

Haydn Longmore_vert
Hi, my name is Haydn Long!close

I am a sophomore in programming and I’m the one with all the hedgehogs and muffins. And the sister chromatid whose foot was stepped on by another sister chromatid said “mitosis!”

Rachel Lumore_vert
Hi, I'm Rachel!.close

I am currently in my junior year. I joined the Femaidens in my freshman year. I am a member of the Programming department, strategy, and marketing. I help edit the website and I really enjoy programming. I am excited for the upcoming build season!

Zoey Sunmore_vert
Hi! My name is Zoey! close

I am currently a sophomore. I got onto the team this year as a programmer, and now I hope to greatly improve my coding abilities. I am new to programming, but I hope to be able to aid the team.

Public Relations plays a key role in spreading the team’s ideals to new communities and informing other students about the world of robotics by attending and organizing events to spread the word about robotics. They also focus on getting the team as many sponsors mentors and supporters as possible in order to keep the team alive and strong. The department is also responsible for writing essays for various awards which can be won by teams.

Head of Marketing
Akaneh Wangmore_vert
Hi!! My name is Akaneh.close

I am the head of marketing. I joined the FeMaidens in my sophomore year and spent the last two years on engineering. I love creative fashion, and I'm super excited for the upcoming season!